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Release Notes

TalVista 2.0

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We’ve been hard at work in 2018 in preparation for 2019. We are laser focused and committed to delivering the most comprehensive diversity and inclusion platform for talent acquisition professionals.

TalVista 2.0 is here and includes many enhancements, based on user requests and feedback, and we believe this will make it easier for you to achieve your diversity hiring initiatives.

TalVista 2.0 includes:

Standard User Enhancements:

  • Multiple resume review
  • Internet Explorer 11 beta
  • Optimization terms added for People with disabilities
  • Branding updates and various bug fixes

Admin Enhancements

  • Users tab and permissions settings
  • Settings tab enhancements
  • Redacted Resume Review email notifications
  • Mass upload of users

Standard Users Enhancements

  • Multiple resume review

This new feature allows for candidate resumes to be reviewed and scored multiple times while tracking each reviewer score and the date/time they performed the review. Once a resume has been reviewed two or more times the score that is applied is averaged and the overall score is displayed in the job view.  This feature must be activated by TalVista. Contact your customer success representative for more details.

  • Internet Explorer 11 beta

TalVista was originally designed to only function with the internet browser developed by Google, the Chrome browser. In TalVista 2.0 we have included a beta release allowing users of Internet Explorer 11 to access and use the platform while using InternetExplorer 11. Please send bug notifications to [email protected].

  • Optimization terms added for People with disabilities

In an effort to continue to improve our Job Description optimizer we have included inclusive and problematic terms identification for people with disabilities. This ensures that the underrepresented group of people with disabilities feels more welcome to apply for jobs that otherwise they may not apply to.

  • Branding updates and various bug fixes

Various bug fixes have been included in TalVista 2.0. We make every effort to identify and resolve bugs as they are discovered. If you feel you have found a bug please email us at [email protected].

Admin Enhancements

  • Users tab and permissions settings

Here the System Admin has greater control of adding, editing, sorting, and blocking system access for users within their system.


Click on the “Invite User” button and fill out the email, first name, last name, and set their system role and then click “Submit”. System roles include Admin, Owner, Reviewer, Interviewer. (NOTE: Admin has complete system access and should only be granted to specific users. The Owner may be equated to a Recruiter, the individual responsible for creating the job in the system and the one who will add Reviewers and keep track of the progress of the job.  The Reviewer may be equated to a Hiring Manager and is the one the Owner will invite to participate in resume review and interviews. The Interviewer is usual an individual who is invited to interviewer candidates for the job but is not the Hiring Manager.)


Admins can now edit the role of a user. In some instances, it is necessary for the Admin to adjust the role of a user. This can be done by clicking the “Update Role” button on the users’ row.

Then select the new role and clicking the “Submit” button.


Admins can now quickly sort based on the column headers for greater visability into user activity.


Admins now have the ability to block a user(s) from accessing the platform. This can be done by selecting the check box next to a users name or performing this action on multiple users at once by selecting the checkbox next to the user’s names you wish to block from accessing the system.

Once users are selected click on the “Block” button in the top right of your screen.

  • Settings tab enhancements

The Settings tab now includes the ability to set the character limit for Job Descriptions.

  • Redacted Resume Review email notifications

Resume email notifications have been enhanced in several ways.

Frist the owner of a job can now push a notification to any user associated with a job that may have missed the regularly sent system notification. This is easily done by hovering over “Resume Review” column header in the job and a gear will appear.

Clicking on this gear will review a dialog box allowing you to select which individuals associated with the job you’d like to send an immediate notification to. Select one, several, or all by clicking on the checkbox and then clicking on “Send Reminder” and those selected will receive a resume review reminder.

The second way a resume review notification can be sent is by scheduling a reminder to be sent for any job that has resumes that are not yet reviewed.

This can be done by the system administrator by clicking on the “Admin” and then “Settings”

In order to schedule a reminder email notification you much first set “Notification Scheduler” to be On by clicking the checkbox.

Once you have set the “Notification Scheduler” to On you will be able to select either “Daily” or “Weekly” notifications to be sent for all jobs that have resumes that have not yet been reviewed. Once you’ve made your selection click “Update” to save the selection. You are able to select either “Daily” or “Weekly” but not both at the some. This setting is system-wide. Remember to also set the “Time Zone” within the “Settings” view.

  • Mass upload of users

Admins can now perform a Mass Upload of users to their system in order to save time. Contact your customer success representative for more details or to have these feature activated.

Admins will click on the Admin link in the upper right corner of their tenant.

In the Admin view click on the Mass Upload link.

Mass Upload of users will import batches of users into the platform to streamline the adding and selection of users. The Admin will create a CSV file (download this Excel file example and save it as a CSV file type prior to upload) and add users Frist and Last Names as well as the user’s email and the role they will use to access the platform. NOTE: email address domains “@domain.com”  must match that of the company tenant domain. (exp. company tenant domain = www.acmeproducts.com the email must match with “[email protected])

User roles can be set as follows:

  • Admin – full system rights and access
  • Owner – rights to create jobs, add candidates and resumes and reviewers of resumes, create and schedule interviews, add interviewers, access resume and interview scores (this role is typically the setting for Recruiters)
  • Reviewer – rights to review resumes and conduct interviews (this role is typically the setting for Hiring Managers)
  • Interviewer – rights to conduct an interview when invited to do one (this role is typically for peers of the Hiring Manager who would be invited to participate in an interview)

Once the Admin has downloaded the example Excel file (noted above) the admin can add from 1-10,000 users to the file and save as a CSV file. Once the file is saved to the Admin’s local machine the Admin will navigate to where that CSV file was saved and drag and drop the CSV file into the Drag and Drop area on the Mass Upload screen. Alternatively, the Admin may click on the “Or click here to use the system file viewer” on the Mass Upload page and navigate to, and select the newly created CSV file to be imported.

Once the upload is complete the Admin can click on the “Export to CSV” to confirm upload was successful and/or to see any incomplete imports if any exist.

When the CSV is opened, if blank all users were Uploaded successfully.

If the CSV has content like this example:

Then the users were already uploaded previously or were already users of the platform. If you have an incomplete email address or wrong tenant domain you will see this error in the CSV you download.