Optimize job descriptions for greater inclusion

Leverage sophisticated algorithms powered by scientific research to write more effective job descriptions. Real-time feedback helps you create job listings that equally attract male, female, and underrepresented candidates. Our optimizer analyzes job descriptions and identifies problematic words shown in research to detract underrepresented applicants from applying. We go beyond gender parity, compared to others on the market, to ensure you attract the broadest and most diverse applicant pool to the job.

Identify problematic terms and replace them with inclusive terms for:

  • Gender parity
  • People of color
  • People with disabilities
The initial score appears once the job description is uploaded and analyzed. The score updates automatically as optimizations are made.
Varying shades of green indicate scientifically researched inclusive terms.
Varying shades of red indicate scientifically researched problematic terms.
Additional terms are available to optimize the job description further.
When hovering over a term, a selection of scientifically researched inclusive terms appears for optimization.

Inclusive job descriptions attract diverse candidates.

The words we use matter. When writing job descriptions, we frequently use terms scientifically proven to be problematic and push diverse candidates away from applying. Scientific research has been conducted for nearly a decade to identify the words that cause candidates – females, people of color, and people with disabilities, to not apply for our open positions.

Scientific research is shown to be more accurate than searching the web for hosts of job descriptions and hoping to find patterns or trends for words that may cause people not to apply. Artificial intelligence is subject to the bias of the humans who created it and crowdsourcing acts as a guessing game.

Through research, thousands of subjects are asked in surveys if certain terms cause them not to feel comfortable applying. Inclusive terms are also identified where candidates have greater comfort in applying. Because we stick to data validated by research, we know the impact our words have on people. 


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Review each problematic term highlighted along with its inclusive replacement.

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