Structured interviews with conscious inclusion consideration

Plan your interviews to focus on indicators of job success. Add interviewers and assign questions that focus on core job needs and criteria.

Assigning specific questions to interviewers according to their expertise ensures they understand candidate responses rather than simply speculating.

With structured interviewing, it’s now easy for teams of interviewers to conduct effective, objective, and professional interviews with little prep time while being mindful and present.

Add interviewers and assign core job criteria.
Add additonal interviewers.
Select questions from a pre-loaded library for skills, values, projects, or miscellaneous.
From the available questions, select the most appropriate option to assess job-fit and assign it to a specific interviewer.
Once questions have been assigned, view the interview plan to adjust the order of the questions for each interviewer.

What are the benefits of structured interviews?

  • Multiple interviewers
  • Question assignments
  • Mindful questioning
  • Objective post-interview scoring
  • Reduced bias with conscious awareness

Preparation + awareness = conscious inclusion outcomes!

Interviewing no longer needs to be a recruiter’s worst nightmare with zero control.

With TalVista’s structured interviews, Recruiting Business Partners can provide interviewing instructions and clear direction to interviewers with an all-in-one, easy-to-use interface.

Interviewers appreciate the need for little interview preparation, giving them the information needed to make a conscious hiring decision. Structured interviewing reduces bias and allows you to hire the most qualified candidate for the job.


Plan ahead by adding specific interviewers to assess specific competencies.

Assigning questions

Assign questions based on interviewers' expertise to eliminate subjectivity in assessing responses.

Easy setup

All-in-one easy-to-use interface both for the recruiter and the interviewer.


You can easily add interview links to your scheduling tool of choice.

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