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As we continue to work and enhance our Diversity Recruiting Suite we have another big release for our clients. With this latest release, we have added many new features for Job Description Optimization and Resume Review. Your feedback and product suggestions are greatly appreciated to further our work to improve diversity hiring around the globe.

The 2.9 release is scheduled to be deployed on Friday, October 21, 2022. The platform will be placed in maintenance mode and will be offline from 12:30 am through 2:00 am ET to deploy the new release.

If you have any questions or experience any issues following this update, please contact [email protected].

TalVista 2.9 Enhancements:

  • New research in the Job Description engine
  • Resume Review reviewer’s comments
  • Resume Review reviewer’s Disposition Feedback (comments On/Off)
  • Resume Categories pre-sets
  • Resume Review Setup page layout
  • Added Resume Score Threshold
  • Resume Review report page layout
  • Improved list loading, jobs, content, and users
  • Various bug fixes

Job Description engine

Under the direction of Dr. Aaron Kay, Duke University professor and researcher and original team member of the 2011 research Evidence That Gendered Wording in Job Advertisements Exists and Sustains Gender Inequality, TalVista commissioned research to review, update and revalidate the 2011 gendered terms findings from Dr. Kay’s 2011 research. The commissioned research also includes validated problematic and inclusive terms for African American, LatinX, Asian, East Indian, and LGBTQAI+ individuals. This validated research is proprietary to TalVista and aids our partners in ensuring job posts and other content are written in the most inclusive way possible to attract all qualified talent, both underrepresented and white males. Additionally, the engine has been enhanced to examine strings of words that may be problematic.

Resume Review – Reviewer’s Comments

We heard the many requests to add a way for a reviewer to provide feedback on each candidate during the resume review process. We have added a (1) “comments” box as part of the dispositioning decision. The text box is limited to 200 characters as it is not intended for the entire review of the candidate but rather to keep the comments concise on a reviewer’s dispositioning of a candidate. Additionally, we have updated the (2) layout of the Resume Review page by placing the resume categories directly below the resume for quicker reference.

Once comments have been added by the reviewer, they are displayed in the Resume Review Report.

For greater flexibility, we have included a Disposition Feedback On/Off switch that may be used on a job-by-job basis to have comments on or off. If comments were on and collected, and then turned off, they are still stored to be turned on and displayed in the Resume Review Report.


Resume Categories pre-sets

SysAdmins can assign pre-determined Category settings for Entry, Mid, and Executive-level roles for Resume Review. The recruiter can begin with a baseline for those role levels without having to guess or start from scratch with each new job.

Job Owners can choose between four pre-sets for Resume Review categories, Default, Entry, Mid, and Executive-level roles. This allows the Job Owner to set up the review process without second guessing if the settings are accurate for the role level. Once selected the Job Owner may make adjustments to the pre-set starting point of the categories according to the role.

Resume Review Setup page layout

The Resume Review Setup page layout has been updated for quicker and improved usability. The Resume Categories have been moved from the right side of the page. We have also reduced the “info” text and added “info” to hover over the “i” icons on the page.

Added Resume Score Threshold

Many users ask what the optimal resume review objective score is. This depends on the job, candidate volume, and requirements. We have added a Resume Score Threshold that can be set during the intake meeting, usually between the recruiter and hiring manager. There is no right or wrong score, but by setting the threshold in advance of any review, there is greater objectivity added to the process.  Once the threshold score is set the dashboard and resume review report will show the objective review score as green or red. If the score is green, the candidate meets or exceeds the threshold that was set. If the score is red, the candidate did not meet the threshold requirements. This provides at a glance information for candidate dispositioning.


Resume Review Report Layout

The Resume Review Report layout has been greatly enhanced for a better user experience.

  1. Threshold score for quick reference.
  2. Average resume scores are added to Group Comparison with color coding based on the Threshold setting.
  3. Report headers for easier data identification.
  4. Disposition notes if the On/Off switch is set to On. If the switch is set to Off, this area will be left blank.
  5. Reviewer name, whether a single reviewer or several reviewers, will display in this column.
  6. This is the average of the objective review score(s), whether there are single or multiple reviewers. The color is based on the Threshold score.
  7. This is the individual reviewer score for the candidate. The Review Score color is based on the Threshold score.
  8. Print button has been added so users can easily print, download, or export this report for discussion with hiring committees

List loading, jobs, content, and users

List loading when scrolling on the jobs, content, or users page is not loaded automatically instead of having to select the “More” button.

Bug Fixes

  • Save the job description by clicking on Text or HTML copy buttons
  • Aut0-save job description for proper report tracking
  • Resume size
  • No email
  • View job template
  • Optimize the Users list
  • Reports column headers in CSV