How to write amazing job descriptions

Write amazing job descriptions to attract amazing applicants

First open a new job.

  1. Click New Job
  2. Enter a title for the job and get suggestions for skills and values that should guide the hiring process
  3. Click on one of the job suggestion rows to grab skills and values
  4. Click the X next to the skill or value to remove any unwanted ones, and type to add others




To add a job description, go to the job dashboard and click Edit job description.

 Job dashboard


Paste your job description text into the job description analyzer field:

Job description analyzer


Check your job’s level of inclusiveness in the score at the top left: A thumbs up means you’ve created an inclusive job description; a thumbs down means you require additional optimization to improve the job description. Our algorithm that calculates a job description’s effectiveness weighs the balance of inclusive language and other best practice strategies for attracting various groups of diverse candidates, typically in underrepresented candidate pools, against research proven problematic terms that have been shown to turn off those applicants.