How to Create Interviews

Create interview guides for your team

If you’re setting up a job for the first time, you may want to consult our job setup guide.

First, click the round you’re setting up an interview for.

Now you can create an interview guide for each interviewer on the Plan Interview page.


When you created the job you established the job’s criteria to help your team ask the right questions and comparably evaluate each candidate. You can also prioritize that list of criteria:

  • Simply drag and drop to adjust the slider.
  • Click Save.



Now add the interview team. In the search box, enter the name of each interviewer and click on their name to add them.


(If the interviewer’s name is not suggested, click Create a new interviewer. You can add interviewers that don’t have TalVista accounts yet, all you need is their name and email address. When you add them, the person will receive an email to set up an account.)


Check the box for a skill or value to assign it to each interviewer and click Save.

On the right side, you’ll see the skills and values selected for the role at the beginning of the process. You’ll see suggested interview questions for most skills and values. You can also add your own questions by clicking on add your own questionTo assign a question to an interviewer, click on the question and then click on the interviewer’s name. You can assign interviewers different skills and values to evaluate.

You can click an interviewer’s name in the “Add interviewers” panel to review the list of their assigned questions.

Managing candidates and resumes

You can add candidates and resumes in the main job dashboard.

  • From the job dashboard, drag a PDF or Word doc resume into the upload field (You can add several files at once)
  • Watch the uploads progress
  • If any uploads fail, you’ll be prompted to correct the required fields (first and last name, email)

As resumes are made available in the system, job Owners or Reviewers can review them.


You can slate each candidate for an interview round by checking their box on the job dashboard.