Reviewing resumes with Talent Sonar

Managing candidates and resumes


Blind resume review

  • From the job dashboard, drag a PDF or Word doc resume into the upload field (You can add several files at once)
  • Watch the uploads progress
  • If any uploads fail, you’ll be prompted to correct the required fields (first and last name, email)


As resumes are made available in the system, job owners can review them.

Rank resume categories in order of importance



Resume categories

Rate each section

  • Now you’ll be shown each resume one at a time
  • Each resume has the candidate’s identity removed
  • You’ll have the opportunity to assess each resume on the same categories you ordered on the previous page
  • Give a section a “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No” to answer whether you’d like to advance someone to the next round based on that section


Anonymous resume


Review the final scores




After the final resume is scored, click Done reviewing to display the candidates’ full information and get their aggregate score. This score is the composite of your rating of each resume content section and the weighting you assigned that section before starting your review.

You can slate each candidate for a round of interview by checking their box on the job dashboard.