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We continue to work and enhance our Diversity Recruiting Suite. With this latest release, we have added a new user role and the ability to edit a job title wherever the job title is displayed.Thank you for sharing your feedback and helping to make this an exceptional platform for recruiting candidates from all backgrounds.

The 2.7.1 release is scheduled to be deployed on Friday, December 24, 2021. The platform will be placed in maintenance mode and will be offline from 2:00 am through 6:00 am ET to deploy the new release.

If you have any questions or experience any issues following this update, please contact [email protected].

TalVista 2.7.1 Enhancements:

  • New User Role
  • Add/Edit Job Title

New User Role

A new user role of HR Admin has been created to allow users the ability to see all jobs, but not have access to the System Admin menu. The HR Admin can perform all the functions of an Owner, Reviewer, and Interviewer. The role formerly titled Admin is now called SysAdmin. All other functions of this role remain the same. The main company TalVista administrator can up and reassign roles as needed. 

HR Admin Role

Job Title Add/Edit

When adding a job either by copying text or dragging and dropping resumes in the dashboard or by clicking “New Job” the user is required to add a job title prior to completing any other task. Additionally, wherever a job title is displayed the user has the ability to edit the job title by clicking on the “edit pencil” icon found to the right of wherever a job title is displayed.