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TalVista Announces Major Milestone in Its Growth and Welcomes New Chief Science Advisor

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FORT WORTH, Texas, Feb. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TalVista, the research and technology-based diversity recruiting platform, today shared it achieved 172% YoY growth and the addition of Dr. Aaron Kay joining TalVista as Chief Science Advisor. Dr. Kay is a social psychologist and tenured professor with appointments in both the Fuqua School of Business and the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. Dr. Kay was part of the original research team from Duke University and The University of Waterloo that influenced Talent Acquisition professionals’ understanding of gendered wording and inequality. Dr. Kay brings his expertise in psychology to TalVista and will expand research in how the words we use in job postings and recruiting impact people from all sectors of society.

TalVista reports 172% YoY growth and renowned researcher, Dr. Aaron Kay, Ph.D joins team.

Kay’s works have been instrumental in ensuring all qualified individuals are attracted to job postings through inclusive language rather than singling out certain groups while omitting underrepresented demographics.

Dr.  Kay’s experiences will further benefit Talent professionals in attracting, screening, and selecting skilled and qualified diverse job seekers through TalVista’s diversity recruiting platform

“Dr. Kay’s area of expertise is the basis for gender decoding language tools currently available on the market,” says Scot Sessions, CEO of TalVista. “Kay’s wealth of knowledge and experience will help TalVista continue to expand beyond gender parity in job postings, based in validated research, so organizations can reach untapped talent in underrepresented groups. We are thrilled to have him advise our team.”

As an advisor to TalVista, Kay will advise on areas of research for improving consciously inclusive recruiting practices.

“I’m excited to join TalVista in an advisory capacity to further the work started by Dr. Gaucher, Justin Friesen and myself to improve the language used in job postings,” said Aaron Kay, Ph.D. “I believe in the vision and direction TalVista has undertaken to be research-based for fair and equitable recruiting practices.”

Since TalVista launched in 2018 it serves nearly 100 large and medium sized organizations in tech, retail, healthcare, and the public sector achieve their goals of attracting and hiring diverse and qualified talent. TalVista provides the technology to help organizations be purposeful with their diversity recruiting initiatives.

About TalVista

Creating an inclusive talent pipeline, TalVista, a woman-owned business provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias in the hiring process. Now companies can be more inclusive from the job description to the interview. According to research, our words reveal either our inclusive or exclusionary tendencies. Companies who combine our job description optimizer, equitable redacted resume reviewing, and standardized structured interviews have the SaaS platform they need to make consciously inclusive decisions. For more information, visit www.talvista.com.