Seeing Beyond
The Obvious.

TalVista provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a skilled talent pool and workforce that is more diverse and inclusive.

How We Do It

A vista is a scene, view, or panorama. It's what you stop to see with purpose, intent and when you use your conscious brain. A vista is seeing beyond the obvious.

Words convey who you are and what you’re looking for—from the job description to the interview. With TalVista you will improve your candidate pool diversity, reduce unconscious bias, and make better hiring decisions. We help you to optimize your job descriptions, conduct redacted resume reviews and follow a structured interview process. Our SaaS platform enables any team or company to be aware of and manage unconscious bias.

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How we do it…

TalVista provides data-driven hiring with a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive talent pool and workforce.

While instinct has been the tried method through the ages, research shows it’s unreliable—data will validate your hiring team and help them make predictive decisions for better hires.

With optimized job descriptions, data points from redacted resume reviews, and structured interview evaluations, your talent acquisition team will fulfill your company’s diversity and inclusion mission while hiring the most skilled and qualified candidates to do the job.

Prioritize Job Skills

See results in minutes with a seamless and a no fuss interface. Instantly align recruiters and hiring managers on essential job criteria needed to succeed at each job.

Job Descriptions Optimized

Leverage sophisticated algorithms powered by machine learning to write more effective job descriptions. Real-time feedback helps you create job listings that equally attract male, female, and minority candidates.

Redacted Resume Reviews

Help evaluators focus on what matters most for job success. Names, gender, alma maters, and other personal identifiers can be redacted for the clearest vista possible.

Structured Interviews

Pre-plan your interviews to focus on the best predictors of job success.Use questions that focus on the most important hiring criteria. It’s easy for teams of interviewers to conduct an effective, professional interview with little prep time.

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Elaine Orler

Co-founder & Chairwoman

Elaine is co-founder and chairs the board at TalVista. She is considered a recruiting technology industry thought leader and has been designing and implementing global HR solutions as a practitioner and a consultant for more than 20 years. Elaine’s hands-on approach has enabled multi-national organizations to transform and optimize complex recruiting processes through contemporary technology-driven talent acquisition practices. Elaine, currently serves as CEO of Talent Function and Chairperson of Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference.

Scot Sessions

Co-founder & CEO

Scot is co-founder and CEO at TalVista. He brings more than 25 years of business management and leadership experience from fast paced startup companies. Previously, Scot ran his own consultancy focusing on marketing strategy serving fast paced startups in the HCM space. Prior to that, Scot was senior director at HireVue. Scot is a serial entrepreneur having started several businesses over his diverse career. Scot is most passionate about helping people and seeing them succeed and realizing even more than they thought possible.

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