Job Description Optimization Increases Your Diverse Candidate Pool


Redacted Resume Screening Reduces Bias



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Improve Your Diversity Recruiting

With Conscious Inclusion

The TalVista conscious inclusion decision support platform helps users to be more aware of bias with data-driven hiring and a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias. Greater conscious inclusive decision making ensures a more diverse and inclusive talent pool and workforce. TalVista supports improved diversity recruiting and hiring in three ways:

Optimized and inclusive job descriptions attract a higher percentage of diverse candidates to each job posting.

Blind resume/CV reviews help hiring leaders/reviewers focus on pertinent information for the job rather than be influenced by a candidate’s name or school that can cause affinity bias.

Structured Interviewing creates an enviroment for interviewers to be more present and mindful during the interview.

Increase Diverse Candidates

Optimized Job Descriptions

Scientific and research-based data have been added to TalVista's proprietary algorithms to identify problematic words within job descriptions that can keep diverse candidates from applying for your posted jobs. With real-time feedback, you'll write more inclusive and effective job descriptions that attract male, female, and underrepresented candidates.

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Redacted Resume/CV Reviews

Name, gender, school, and other personal identifying information are redacted to help evaluators focus on what matters most for job success, core job criteria, rather than fixating on race, gender, or ethnicity.

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Structured Interviews

Plan interviews to focus on the best indicators of job success. Help interviewers focus on core job needs and criteria. Now it’s easy for interviewers to conduct an effective, objective, and professional interviews while being mindful and present with little prep time.

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