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We continue to work and enhance our Diversity Recruiting Suite and with this release have many significant enhancements for our users. We are adding the ability to optimize general content like web copy, emails, LinkedIn posts. We have added redaction of societies/groups/affiliations. We have added a disposition selection during redacted resume review of each candidate as well as many bug fixes.  Thank you for sharing your feedback and helping to make this an exceptional platform for recruiting people from all backgrounds.

The 2.6.8 release is scheduled to be deployed on October 2, 2020. The platform will be placed in maintenance mode for a short time from 2:00 am through 6:00 am ET. During this time the TalVista platform will be offline to deploy the new release. The full release notes will be added below.

If you have any questions or experience any issues following this update, please contact [email protected].

TalVista 2.6.8 includes:


  • General Content Optimization
    • Emails
    • Web content
    • LinkedIn and other Social Media posts
    • Company boilerplates
    • Other company content
  • Resume Redaction option: Groups/Affiliations/Societies
  • Resume Review
    • Disposition Selection in Resume Review
    • Criteria/Competencies more easily viewed during the resume review process
    • Hiring Manager/Reviewer goes right into the review
  • Bugs

General Content Optimization:

While TalVista’s content optimization engine has always been content-agnostic, allowing users to add job descriptions, email, career site copy, etc to our Job Description Optimizer module, we have added a new Content module to our platform.

A user can now copy and paste content to be optimized into the “Improve Content” box on the Dashboard. Additionally, there are two new main menu items for Content (for any content you’ve already been working on) and to create New Content if you’re not ready to just copy/paste into the Improve Content box on the dashboard.

Dashboard - Content


Users can now work on content to be improved by clicking on the New Content menu and create a title for the content, such as About Us, Candidate Email, or Career Site. The content optimizer will provide a +/- just like the Job Description Optimizer. The Content Optimizer runs on the same optimization engine based in scientific research and will identify problematic words that should be considered for optimization.

Once the user has improved the score from a negative (-4) to a neutral or + score the content is now inclusive and ready for candidate facing presentation.


Optimize Content


Users also have easy access to content that has previously been created by clicking on the Content menu. From this screen, content can be easily review, edited or even deleted. You can tell who created the content and when it was originally created.

Content Management

Resume Redaction option: Groups/Affiliations/Societies:

In addition to the other redaction options currently available,

Current options include:

  • Candidate address
  • Year attended school or worked for a company
  • Headshot/Image
  • School/College
  • Former employer/company names
  • Associations/Groups/Affiliations – NEW

Resume Review:

We have added many great enhancements to the workflow and disposition of candidates during the Redacted Resume Review process.

Admin and Owner are the only ones with permission to click on and setup Category Prioritization for Redacted Resume Review. The process is the same as before. Admin or Owner clicks on the column header to enter Setup and prioritizes the categories that will be reviewed. This ensures a consciously inclusive review. Each candidate will be reviewed against the same scale.

Resume Redaction Setup - 1


Once the Admin or Owner has completed the setup they click “Go to dashboard” to save their prioritizations and return to the job dashboard.


Resume Redaction Setup - 2

During the review process, we have added a few items to make the experience for the reviewer easier and more clear.

  1. We have added the Criteria/Competencies that were determined during the in-take meeting to remind the reviewer what they are considering during the blind resume review
  2. We have added a link to the access the job description to serve as a reminder to the reviewer what they posted
  3. We have added a disposition selection for the reviewer during the blind resume review and prior to advancing to the next candidate to be reviewed. Disposition choices include
    1. Proceed
    2. Undecided
    3. Do not proceed

Note: When a Reviewer level user clicks on the Resume Review link or the email link they will go directly to review and not to the setup page. That will have already been taken care of by the job owner.

When the Reviewer begins the review they will review the redacted resume of the candidate and select Yes/No/Maybe for each resume category based on whether or not the candidate possesses the competencies for each of the resume categories. The reviewer has quick access to view the competencies “at a glance” as they are now listed at the bottom of the “Your Feedback” column on the left of the review screen.

Reviewer begins by clicking the link in the email or the Resume Review link in the job dashboard – shown here.


The Reviewer is taken right into the review screen and begins reviewing redacted resumes.  The competency criteria are shown on the bottom left and serve as an “At a Glance” making it easy for the review to remember the competencies selected for this job and to evaluate each candidate based on those criteria. Also new in the bottom left is a link to the job description the candidate applied to.

Reviewer-Disposition - 2

Once the review is complete by the Reviewer they will come back to the job dashboard. This will the Reviewer will see the resulting objective review score and a newly added indicator that the Reviewer selected during the review. Proceed. Undecided. Do not proceed. Additionally, if a Reviewer has other candidates to review for the same job the Owner can add the candidates and when the candidate appears in the dashboard for the Reviewer the candidate’s name is redacted ensuring that candidate goes through the standard process that all other candidates have gone through resulting in an objective review score and an indicator for the disposition.



The Owner dashboard will have additional information on it including the ability to hover over a score and view “At a Glance” if there are multiple scores associated with a candidate because of multiple resume review. Additionally, the disposition for a multiple resume review candidate will not show until the Owner makes the determination based on the dispositions the reviewers of the one candidate selected.



The Owner has access to make the final determination of the disposition of the candidate by clicking on the multiple resume review score.


Any time the disposition is changed, the change is logged with a date time stamp. The Owner can also click on the report icon in the column header to review the Group comparison report. The Owner also has an “At a Glance” link to the candidate’s resume in this pop up to review and make a determination on the disposition of the candidate.



  • Change the word “Misc.” to ” Other” in the interview Plan
  • Updated text in the interview email
  • Correct the count of resumes in the “Up Next” box
  • Fixed the “Close Job” flag
  • Improved the formatted HTML text in Job Description Optimization
  • Clear search results when clicking X in the search box
  • Corrected redaction issues with resume redactor
  • Corrected manual add of resume drag/drop for clients only using Job Description and Resume Redaction
  • Corrected filtering of job templates
  • Removed ability to drag/drop the resume if a customer is only using Structured Interviews