Free redacted resume review sample


Studies have shown that hiring managers only spend 6 seconds reviewing a resumé. That is the amount of time it takes to read a candidate’s name, university attended, and maybe see a previous employer’s name.

Generally, what takes place is the reviewer feels either an unconscious affinity or not (aka bias) with the candidate based on name, previous employer, fraternity, sorority, or even their alma mater. Snap decisions are made without thoroughly reviewing the resume or even realizing the decision to proceed or not was based on bias behavior. 

When a candidate’s information is redacted, the reviewer can look more objectively at a candidate’s experience, skills, abilities, improving the likelihood diverse candidates will progress through the recruiting process. 

Instead of parsing apart a candidate’s information – and accordingly, their personality – we are the only platform that does the redaction within the original resume—interested to see how this looks and works? 

Submit your information to the right, and one of our experts will contact you to set up a free resume redaction.

You’ll get to see our redacted review functionality and, as a result, get a feel for which details are truly essential when it comes to screening candidates.

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