How to guide your hiring team’s interview process

This guide is designed for calendar coordinators or schedule administrators who help ensure excellent candidate experience and that interviewers have all the info they need to navigate their role in the hiring process. If you’re looking for more information on managing jobs and candidates, you might want to check out one of our other guides for interviewers, or recruiters, or hiring managers.

Share an existing job with others on your team 

If you need to grant another user at your company access to a job, you can do so in a job’s Settings.



The setting of a job owner versus a job reviewer is designed to facilitate collaboration on a job. A job owner can make changes to a job’s description and review applicants associated with a job. A job owner has more admin privileges and can delete a job. A job reviewer has view only access. 

Don’t worry about adding interviewers yet. You can add interviewers on a different screen when we get to building the interview.


Adding resumes to the job

If you have access to a job as an owner, you will manage the resume upload process:


  • From the job dashboard, drag a PDF or Word resume into the upload field. You can also add several files at once.
  • Watch the uploads progress.
  • If any uploads fail, you’ll be prompted to correct the required fields (first name, last name, and email).


Select candidates to be interviewed 

To slate candidates for interview, check their box in the Interview column (the default says Round 1, but you can edit it to name the interview round):


Build an interview guide

Create an interview guide for each interviewer on the Build Interview page.

  1. First, add the interview team. In the search box, enter the name of each interviewer and click on their name to add them.
  2. On the right side, you’ll see the skills and values selected for the role at the beginning of the process. TalVista’s system will suggest interview questions for most skills and values. You can also add your own questions by clicking on add your own question.
  3. To assign a question to an interviewer, click on the question and then click on the interviewer’s name. You can assign interviewers different skills and values to evaluate.

Assign interviews and send invites


Click Assign in the interview column:


  • In the Assign pop up, click Save.
    • **This Save step must happen before an interviewer can access their interview in TalVista. Clicking Save triggers the interview to become available to the interviewer in their TalVista dashboard.
    • Note that it’s fine to add or remove questions after clicking Save.
  • When you click Save, all the interviewers will receive an email containing interview info and a link to start their interview session.
    • If you make any changes you can choose to re-email the interviewer by clicking Email interviewer.
    • You can also copy the link to the interview feedback form by clicking Get link and then send it to the interviewers through an external email or calendar invite.
  • You can click Change interviewer if you need to sub in a different person for an interview last minute. If you remove an interviewer, the original interviewer will receive an email notifying them that their scheduled interview is no longer happening.


Preparing an interview feedback summary report

An interviewer has access only to their own interview results (not the rest of the team’s), but you can share a copy of all results via email following these steps. (Note that a job owner can review a candidate’s results at anytime, whether or not they’ve submitted results yet.)
To create the feedback summary report

  • Click In progress in the interview round field to access interview feedback.
  • (Once all interview feedback has been submitted, In progress will instead show a number; this number is the calculated score based on all feedback.)
  • From the results page, use your browser’s File > Print menu to click Save as PDF.
  • Generate this PDF for each candidate and email to the hiring manager or interview team.
  • Remind the interview team to submit feedback at


To see which interviewers have not submitted feedback yet, 

  • Scroll down to their name.
  • Their panel will read “Scores not available” if the interviewer has not submitted feedback.